integrate the legal, governance, and ethical issues found in the operation of nonprofit organizations

The paper should be 8-10 pages in length and follow the APA Manual 6th edition. 8-10 PAGES NOT INCLUDING TITLE AND REFERENCE PAGE.

The purpose of the research essay is to integrate the legal, governance, and ethical issues found in the operation of nonprofit organizations. You will select an organization that has run into difficulty and research the causes of their problems, the outcomes, and then craft a solution to the problem you have identified. The organization you select should be thoroughly researched. You are expected to do graduate-level, high-quality, research. Also, please make certain your work includes references to both the legal and ethics material studied in this course that will inform your analysis and conclusions.

You must use the course materials and incorporate at least three peer-reviewed sources from the University library. All citations must be in APA format. You are required to use headings in the format of your paper. They are:

  1. Title Page: Include your title, name, and email contact information in APA format.

  2. Introduction: Introduce the paper and tell the reader what will follow. Describe the issue. What happened to threaten the organization?

  3. History: In this section describe the history of the organization. Include the mission, key individuals, organizational structure, programs, and governance characteristics. Describe physical location, assets, financial condition and size. Give a complete description of the organization and a more detailed description of the problem.

  4. The Outcome: What happened as a result? Were there lawsuits, loss of tax-exempt status, fines, imprisonment for key leaders of the organization?

  5. The Law in Practice: What legal issues are related to the problem? Was it corporate law, tax law, or other legal area that was involved? Was it board oversight, CEO/board imbalance, self-dealing that caused the problem? What have you learned in this course that helps you understand the problem and gives you guidance in developing a solution?

  6. Ethics Issues: Describe the ethical dilemma, if there is one, and if not, what ethics considerations are inherent in your research topic. What ethical framework applies to the management’s decisions?

  7. Recommendation: What would you recommend as a management consultant to the nonprofit Board of Directors in question to have kept the organization out of trouble? This section should include both legal and ethical recommendations.

  8. Reference Page: This section will document your work and accurately reflect all the ideas and work borrowed from other scholars.