IU Irrigation Decisions for Major West Coast Crops

APA format, in-text citation

1 to 2 paragraphs long.

DO NOT need a reference page, DO NOT need cover page. This is not a paper.

In your own words, explain how the source provided contributes to water scarcity effects us socially, economically, and enviornmentally.

In the first sentence, explain the purpose of the source. Then describe the content and elements of the source.

After, explain the overall structure of the source, summarize the evidence the authors use to support claims. Does the authors use numbers, statistics, historical documents, or draw from work created by others?

Finally, briefly describe how the source answers the research question: does water scarcity and climate change impact irrigation decisions for producers of speciality crops?

Source. Beau, Olen., JunJie, Wu, & Christian, Langpap. (2016). Irrigation Decisions for Major West Coast Crops: Water Scarcity and Climate Determinants.

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