Legal issues

Legal issues appear in the paper every day in the context of news stories whether it is about cases before the Supreme Court involving constitutional issues, proceedings in the International Court of Justice, transnational sales of businesses, and banking issues, among others.

Locate a story from a credible online source that has appeared in the last 12 months connected to one of the four areas listed below that have been covered in Weeks Two and Three.
The Constitution
International Law
Domestic and International Sales
Credit and Bankruptcy
Write a paper of approximately two-three pages, excluding title and reference pages (750 words) which answers the following areas connected to your selected news story.
What is the primary legal issue with which your story is concerned?
What is the connection to the area you selected from the list. Explain in detail why this connection exists
Explain any ethical issues that you think are associated with the story and why. If you do not believe that there are any ethical issues, support this viewpoint.
Explain any political issues that you think are associated with the story and why.If you do not believe that there are any political issues, support this viewpoint.
Include a link to the story in your paper.
Format your paper using West Writing Style Handbook guidelines.
Include a minimum of two credible sources, in addition to the link to your story, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, and other selections.

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