letter to the Editor

For this Assignment, you will develop a Letter to the Editor of a local newspaper on evidence-based practice that includes the following:

  • Identify a chronic disease or condition at a population level in your community that you would like to address.
  • Identify a population health evidence-based practice.
  • Develop and advocate a stance on the use of this population health evidence-based practice related to a chronic disease or condition in your community.
    • Briefly describe what is meant by evidence-based practice.
    • Describe the chronic disease or condition in relation to prevalence, incidence, mortality, morbidity, socioeconomic status implications, race, gender, etc., of the population.
    • Develop a stance for or against the implementation of this evidence-based practice in your community to address the chronic disease or condition in your chosen population.
    • Support your work with 3–5 peer-reviewed sources.

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