. List five (5) decisions a teacher must make about the curriculum.


Read Chapter 2 and answer the following questions:

  1. List five (5) decisions a teacher must make about the curriculum.

  2. List three (3) ways that all children are alike.

  3. List three (3) similar needs of young children.

  4. Describe the change in thought from age 2 through age 11 or 12.

  5. List four (4) ways teachers can determine children’s background experiences.

  6. List three (3) ways to find out children’s interests.

  7. List four (4) ways to determine the developmental levels and abilities of children.

  8. What is P.L. 94-142 and what does it state?

  9. List four (4) things you need to do as a teacher of special children regarding P.L. 94-142.

  10. List eight (8) categories of special needs children.

  11. List the eleven (11) goals of an inclusion program.

  12. List and explain three (3) methods to gain knowledge about the culture and values of a community.

  13. Why must teachers of young children understand geography, history, economics and other social sciences?

  14. List six (6) ways children can assist with planning.

  15. List five (5) elements that should be included in lessons plans.

  16. List four (4) main sections that every lesson plan should include regardless of format.

  17. Define behavioral objective. What three (3) questions do behavioral objectives answer?

  18. What are four (4) goals which can be accomplished through the use of units, projects, and thematic learning?

  19. List three (3) considerations for selecting themes or topics.

  20. After selecting a theme or topic, list seven (7) elements that should be included in planning for the theme or unit.

  21. List five (5) uses for authentic assessment.

  22. List and describe four (4) types of assessments.

  23. List five (5) things you should look for when interviewing children.

  24. What are rubrics, and how can rubrics be used?

  25. What are standardized tests and why might they not be useful to teachers of young children?