“Making Progress”

“Making Progress” Please respond to the following:

Part 1:

How has your communication changed?
What are you practicing now on a regular basis?

Rate your progress using the following rubric and note how your rating has changed from week 1.

Communication Skill Levels

Novice: You tend to “wing it” when communicating. Your messages seldom achieve your desired goals.

Intermediate: Your communications are sometimes effective, but you lack an established process for communicating (and you aren’t actively testing your methods).

Proficient: You apply some tools and techniques of communications and, while you may do so inconsistently, you are fairly effective when you communicate. Distinguished: You are considered highly professional. You regularly influence outcomes through communications and you are highly communications-oriented. Expert: You have extensive experience in business communications, are well-versed in the topic, and can influence goals strategically while driving action with your messaging.

Part 2:

How often do you verbally present to others?

How do you feel about speaking/presenting in front of groups?

Also, class, how do you define leadership? In organizations, are blogs required for leadership communications?

The best way for a large company to set up an Internet division is to create a separate, free-standing unit, called a spin-off, because the unit will have the autonomy and flexibility to operate at Internet speed rather than being hampered by the larger organization’s rules and procedures. How does transformational leadership and effective communication apply to this concept?