Medical Journal Review: Comparing QRS, ST and T with LBBB and MI

Hello, In this paper I need from 3 to 4 paragraphs that review (NOT analyze) the study. The analysis of the main study shouldn’t take more that 1/4 of the whole paper. The rest of the paper has to be your own opinion about the topic and the findings with supporting your opinion with reliable resources.


why do you think this topic is important?

what do you think about the study and the findings?

how is the criteria was used in the research is accurate?

Sgarbossa criteria vs. modified Sgarbossa criteria, etc.

I am attaching the main journal, and the Journal Article Grading Rubric (you should follow it):

Use APA format and follow the grading rubric for more details about the assignment.

extra sources: you need to understand the topic before you start writing. this is the second request for the same journal after I withdraw the first one because the writer was not knowledgeable about the topic and some terms that are mentioned in the journal. PLEASE understand the main purpose of this journal and start from there.




NOTE” cite your sources that support your opinion

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