Meeting And Event Planning

Meeting And Event Planning

Read the brief excerpt below about the hypothetical company Glow Foods and answer the questions in essay format. There is no minimum word count for this assignment, however each question should be addressed completely, using outside resources to support your conclusions.

This assignment is due on or before Sunday of week 1.

For purposes of this assignment, Glow Foods is a company that sells foods and supplies to restaurants and various other food service operations. Each year, it holds a food show for its customers. The companies that sell their food through Glow Foods, such as Stouffer’s, Kraft, Dart Paper, and Farmland, have booths at the show to demonstrate their latest products.

Based on this scenario, compose answers for the following:

1. Who are the stakeholders at this event?

2. What are their respective goals for this meeting?

3. How can a meeting planner meet each goal? Discuss at least two methods.