MGMT312 APU Week 1 Leadership and Management Discussion

Week 1 Forum – Leadership and Management

Read this article: (LINK) Plachy, R. J. (2009). When to Lead? When to Manage?. T+D, 63(12), 52-55.

Watch this video:

What it takes to be a good leader

Video – What it takes to be a good leader –

Also read: Dugan (chapter 1)

Dugan – Chapter 4 – (96-111)

Then, write a summary (in your own words) of what leadership means to you. Explain why leadership and management are different. Use your own words. Read the material and then format your reply to include a personal example where you have witnessed a good leader and a good manager or a poor leader or manager. Relate to the class how these leaders or managers affected you. Do you think that all good managers must be good leaders to be effective?

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words, not including repeated questions, references and quotes. References are in APA format.

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