Minimum of four citations

Part 1

Prepare a course syllabus for a higher Education course. You will not be expected to submit a complete syllabus due to the time constraints. However, at a minimum, you should submit a detailed course description and a list of course objectives specific to your course e.g., ‘Introduction to Higher Education’. The following items should be included in the course syllabus you prepare:

  • The objectives for the course.
  • Information about the nature of the learners to whom the course will be delivered. For example: “This course is designed for senior-level undergraduates who have taken all of the pre-requisites towards the…”
  • Prepare a brief list of topics and assignments that will be included in the course.
  • Prepare a timetable of what activities will be accomplished and when they will be accomplished.
  • If you chose a textbook, then explain why you chose that textbook. If not, explain why you are not using a textbook.
  • Explain, if you hold classes, why class attendance is necessary OR
  • Explain, if you do not hold classes, why classes are not necessary.

Part 2

Critically reflect on the content of the syllabus that you presented in Part 1 and explain whether the syllabus lends itself to socio-constructivist learning. What features would distinguish the course as being designed for socio-constructivist learning? Be sure to substantiate your assertions with references to the scholarly literature.

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