Module 4 Days Of Wine And Roses Movie Review

Movie Review Assignment

Watch a movie that is directly related to course material (substance abuse and the family, or effects on relationships, etc.). Write a 600 – 750 word Reaction Paper reflecting on the content of the video and what you learned from this movie as it relates to substance use/misuse/abuse and the family or substance use/misuse/abuse and relationships. For example, you might discuss what you observed about addictive behavior, treatment, relapse, co-dependency issues, effects on the family, etc.

Include a brief summary of the movie and a sentence or two stating what you believe is the major point/intent of the movie. Also, what is your personal reaction to the movie and its portrayal of substance use/abuse? Submit your paper (in APA format). Remember to include a title page, references, and the Assignment Rubric. Be sure to review how to cite and reference movies/videos in APA format.

NOTE: You must watch the movie to complete this paper. The paper is to include original thoughts, perceptions, reactions based on the movie.

Here are some suggested titles (others may be approved by the instructor):

When a Man Loves a Woman

Sweet Nothing Clean and Sober

The Corner Basketball Diaries

The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Half Nelson Man with the Golden Arm The Boost

Drugstore Cowboy Days of Wine & Roses

Once Were Warriors Only When I Laugh

Blow Requiem for a Dream

Gimme Shelter Flight

My Name is Bill W. Tender Mercies

Panic in Needle Park The lost Weekend

28 Days Leaving Las Vegas

The Betty Ford Story Gia

The Life of the Party A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

The Story of Beatrice

Requiem for a Dream Holiday Heart

Down in the Delta


The Affliction

***Please note, this is separate****

Comments and Reactions….Mod 4

Briefly describe the movie that you chose for this assignment and discuss your comments and reactions. What do you think is the “take home” message of the movie? Did you have any emotional reaction to the movie content? Was it all about fiction, or do you think there were some realistic aspects of the content as well? What do you think the point of the assignment was?

  • Submit your first original post of at least 200 words
  • You must cite paraphrased information that was obtained from another source.

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