MyDietAnalysis (MDA) Part 3

For the third part of the this project. You will be using the reports from MDA Part 2 to complete the following MDA assignments (3 -5).

**This MDA assignment will not be accepted for grading until MDA 1 and 2 have be completed and submitted**


Answer the following questions using your MDA Food Records and Reports. This will be submitted as an assignment (see Tips for Success below)

Assessing Your Weight and Health Risk: Your weight and health risk may be assessed using the Body Mass Index (BMI). As mentioned in class, your BMI does not always reflect your risk of health. Certain factors may affect BMI assessment for health. A waist circumference measurement along with a BMI is a better measure of health for some. Use the MDA Recommendations printout to answer the following

  • What is your body Mass index (BMI)?
  • Using only your value of BMI, what is your “category of risk”? (Not Risk of Disease, Risk of Disease, High Risk of Disease, Very High Risk of Disease)
  • Do you think that your BMI category is an accurate indicator of you health, why or why not?

Assessing Your Energy Balance: Your energy balance can be assessed using your energy intake (calories consumed) and energy output (calories expended). Use your MDA Recommendations and Energy Balance reports, to complete the following.

  • Your Recommended Calorie Intake (kcals/day):
  • What is your activity level?
  • Using your Energy Balance reports, fill in the following values:

Calories Consumed

Calories Expended

Energy Balance

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

3 Day Average:

Compare your Recommended Calorie Intake to your Calorie Consumed values. Is it less than, more than or equal to the recommended value?

  • What is your weight goal (lose, maintain or gain)? Explain the rationale for this goal?
  • Would you have to change your calorie intake to meet your weight goal?
  • List your biggest barriers to your Calorie control?
  • Does your lifestyle affect your Calories expended?
  • List below your biggest barriers to exercise?

Assessing Your Future Health Risk:

  • Explain how your future risk of health may be affected if you maintain your current weight and energy balance.
  • Is there anything you can change for a healthier energy balance/weight? If not, what is it about your current lifestyle that you feel that you should maintain for the future?

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