Staffing questions… provide references answer questions using single space. Questions do not need to be answered in essay form. Provide reference at the end of each question.

  • Although employment laws are in place, some organizations still face employment lawsuits. Discuss at least three different types of staffing-related lawsuits and what is required from them to succeed in court. (200 words)
  • Employment laws are in place for organizations to adhere to. Identify six laws relevant to staffing. Identify who is covered, and explain the general provisions of the laws. (200 words)
  • Identify and explain the barriers to equal employment opportunity as identified by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). What can organizations do to avoid/eliminate these barriers? (200 words)
  • Although organizations utilize the best approach/method for conducting job analysis, there are certain steps identified in performing a typical job analysis. Identify the eleven steps in performing a typical job analysis. Explain/discuss at least three important factors within each step. (300 words)
  • Different job analysis methods vary with regard to how job information is collected, analyzed, and documented. Identify the most important features of a job analysis method. Discuss the five most commonly used job analysis methods. Be certain to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method. (300 words)

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