NEED A HOME PROGRAM FOR 2 year old ( occupational therapy assistant

The home program is for a 2 year old girl who have deficts




Sensory Processing and Modulation

Proprioceptive Processing

o Heavy work activities that require the use of Mikayla’s muscles will promote her

proprioceptive processing and help modulate her sensory system in general (see attached

“Heavywork Activities” (for Caregivers and Teachers) handouts).

Tactile Processing and Modulation

Note: Proprioceptive and deep pressure activities should be completed before having Mikayla

engage in tactile activities to help promote her modulation and regulation for success with new

and/or challenging textures and activities such as brushing or washing her hair.

o Have Mikayla trial new textures only when she can see what she is going to touch. Try

familiar foods and objects with a slight change (one change at a time), for example,

progress from playing with or hunting for objects in dry pasta noodles of a certain

size/shape, then changing or mixing sizes/shapes, then slightly cooking noodles, then

cooking them more. This can be done with beans, Jell-O, Play-doh, therapy putty, etc. . .

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