NO WORD OR PAGE COUNT Managed Care Organizations

NO WORD OR PAGE COUNT Please post answer in Assignments for Unit 10 on or before the due date. Answer question with a table and a narrative paragraph. If you have any questions, email me. Do not use attachments. If you are not using Office 10, please use an rtf file.

Option 1 Comparison of Two Managed Care Organizations/or other Health Plans

Compare two managed care plans (Health Maintenance Organizations) or other health plans on the following


Services Provided (What is Covered Under Plan?)

Effectiveness (How effective is this Plan in Providing Services?)

Cost (Individual and Family Plan)


In order to secure the following information go to the web

site of the organization, the website of the National Committee

for Quality Assurance, and the New York State Health Department–look

under information for researchers, report on managed care, and

New York State Financial Services Department (formerly the Insurance Department). There is also a new comprehensive

site New York State Health Accountability Foundation

which pulls together information on hmos.

The NYState Health Department website has a report on the quality delivered by HMOS.

Format for answer. You may use the same format as the Community

Study. Put the results in a table and add a paragraph describing

the information. Be sure to indicate the source of data. Use professional sources.

Option 2 Comparison of 2 Medicare Part B Supplement Plans “Medigap Plans”

Option 3 Comparison of 2 Medicare Part C Advantage Plans or Part D Drug plans

or you may compare a Medicare Part B Supplement Plan and Part C Medicare Advantage Plan

You can make up a hypothetical friend or relative who has a particular health profile and determine which health plan you would recommend for that person and why.

Option 4 Selecting a plan under the website of Affordable Care Act)

Compare two plans under the Affordable Care Act website for a hypothetical individual or family.

Option 5 Research a Health Care Occupation

You may research a health care occupation of interest to you.

Please include the following in your answer:

What education is needed

Where do people in this occupation work?

Are there specialties?

Is there a license?

Who accredits the educational program?

What are people in this field paid?

What are the opportunities in this field?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics website is a good starting point for this report. Please indicate the source the source for each item of data.