The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Please upload a Word document using APA format for this assignment (see attached for the template). In a 3-5 page paper, The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will be the topic. Please make sure that this paper has never been used in any shape for or fashion for a grade, certificate, or award. Your paper should have the following (APA formatted).

  1. Title page

  2. Abstract

  3. Introduction

  4. Report

  5. Conclusion

  6. Reference page

The 3-5 pages only refer to items 3-5. The other 3 items do not count. Also, you must use the attached template. Make sure you update the title page, headers, and remove ALL instructions. Points will be deducted if not followed.

Rubric Category

Point Val. Your Points

Paper meets the specified pages or word length, demonstrates thorough understanding of the reading assignment, reflects critical thought, and relates to course content and/or industry applications.

Ideas and concepts are supported through resources and/or personal experiences. Case study exhibits truthful and verifiable statements.

Posts are free of writing errors (syntax, grammar, etc.)

Try to avoid using needless fillers i.e. that. I did not count those as errors this time. Also, free of APA format errors.