NSG110 Statford University Week 2 Health Care Delivery System Questions

For this assignment you will be interviewing a nurse. It can be any current licensed nurse still practicing in any type of nursing (not a nursing student, a retired nurse or someone who left nursing to pursue another career/profession). The goal is to gain insight into nursing practice today and how it has evolved.

Ask the interviewee the following questions:

1. How long have you been a nurse?

2. What health care delivery system do you work in?

3. What historical, societal, political and/or economic events have had an impact on nursing practice?

4. Since you became a nurse what is one major challenge you have faced in the delivery of quality patient care?

5. Do you have any words of wisdom for a brand new nursing student to survive nursing school or the transition to nursing practice?

For this assignment submit the following:

1. A transcript of the interview.

2. Obtain 1 scholarly article in a nursing journal that supports the practice change identified by the interviewee. Summarize the findings of the article as it relates to the practice change identified.

3. Provide personal insights on how evidenced-based practice impacts the profession of nursing and nursing practice.

Grading = 35 points (each element is worth 10 points, spelling/grammar/APA format worth 5 points).

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