NU360 Mississippi University Use of Tanning Beds and Incidence of Skin Cancer Paper

Critique of Evidence-Based Practice Article

50 points (Please see article attached to critique)

Read Fain, J. (2017). Chapter 14.

Instructions:Please answer the following questions in essayformat providing two to three sentences for each question below.

What was studied? Hypothesis

Who was studied? Population/Sample

How was it studied? Methodology

What were the conclusions? Results

Use APA and Elements of Style in your writing to include a Title Page and the correct APA general reference form for the article.(APA book, page 198)

Continued Instructions:After completing the above critique of the assigned topic, you will locate one additional article from the library (see instructions for accessing EBP Nursing Journals-Fant Library— Located under Modules: Unit II- Content link)meeting the 1-4 criteria below:

1. The article must be on evidence-based nursing.

2. The article must be a “primary source” article. (Fain , page 88)

3. The article must be published within the last 5 years.

4. The article must be from a professional journal.

You will add the reference for this article to the above reference page on the critiqued article but this reference will be in an electronic format. (see APA, page 205) Therefore, on the Reference page, you will have 2 references cited, each in a different format.

I would have a title page. I would start my paper with a short introduction. I would provide level 1 headings to help organize and guide my paper. I would have a short conclusion. I would have a separate reference page.

The second article you find-you do not critique it. You only make sure it meets the criteria and then put it in your reference list.

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