How does nuclear energy help address climate change?

There is a link below watch it and write 1 page summary that can answer the questions below

The PBS NOVA Nuclear Option Documentary steps through a bit of history and current status of the nuclear industry in the U.S. Provide approximately 1-2 page summary of the NOVA documentary addressing its perspective on:

· (5pts) How does nuclear energy help address climate change?

· (5pts) What are the primary objections to nuclear energy and what contributes to a negative public perception?

· (5pts) What are some challenges of cleaning up after the Fukushima disaster?

· (5pts) What is the primary ‘vulnerability’ of older water-cooled plants like Fukushima?

· (5pts) How did water-cooled reactors become the standard for U.S. commercial energy production, which led to a ‘building binge’ of reactors?

· (5pts) What changed the ‘equation’ for nuclear energy in the U.S. the 1970’s that contributed to its slowing?

· (5pts) What exciting changes are leading to new ‘Generation 4’ reactors?

· (5pts) Describe two new startups discussed (name and advanced/unique feature)