Nutrition Policy Assignment-Food marketing to Kids

Policy: Food Marketing to Kids: Could elements of food marketing be regulated? How should we be thinking about food marketing to kids as it proliferates to social media channels? What is the evidence in the context of what can be done?

For part 1 of the assignment, consider the following:

  • When and why did the issue / policy/program emerge?
  • How and why has it evolved?
  • Think about the rationale for changes in it over time.
  • What stakes are at play that may have impacted its evolution?
  • Frame its evolution by presenting the various “sides” at play.
  • Where do you see the policy headed in the future based on evidence or data that may be evolving and what you can find in the popular press. (NOTE: It is VERY important that you spend one paragraph talking about this. In YOUR opinion and based on the research you have just done on the issue and accounting for where the various “sides” see this issue headed, what do YOU think about the future directions of this policy or program? Where do you think it is headed and why? What is its potential?)

-Summarize these issues in a paper to be no longer than two pages, single-spaced, no smaller than 11pt font with one-inch margins. Add page numbers and cite your references with superscript and a references list appended to the paper; either APA or Chicago style are fine, just be consistent. The reference list does not count as part of your page limit.

-PLEASE use paragraphs to organize your content—this should not be one monster paragraph. Think about it in terms of writing a few big sections: an introductory section describing the policy/program/issue (e.g., What is it and what is its purpose—at a micro- and macro-level? When and why did it emerge [i.e., its origins]?); then another section on its evolution, broadly explaining the rationale for these changes and various sides/stakes at play; and then, finally, a paragraph reflecting on the future of the policy or program (e.g., Has it achieved what it was intended to achieve? Does it currently have funding or support to continue? How do its key stakeholders see it morphing in the future? And, finally, based on your research on this issue, what do you see as the future of this policy? Where is it headed in your opinion?).

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