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1.Choose 1 critically endangered species from the list below. Write a research summary describing the species natural history ie. where they are found, what type of habitat they live in, what they eat … etc. Discuss the threats that are causing their populations to decline and finally talk about solutions, what is being done or what should be done to save the species. Be sure to research the possible solutions, this is not asking for your opinion, we want to know whether anything is being done to save them and if so what?

– Monarch Butterfly

– Polar Bear

– African Elephant

– Grey Wolf

– Leather-backed Sea Turtle

Write at least 350 words and be sure to list your resources .

2.What I want you to do in this posting is share with the class, these solutions as well as updating us on the threats that are causing their extinction. Add any other ideas you may have based on the listed solutions in the lecture powerpoint in Unit 5.

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