This section should identify current orders of succession to the organization CEO and key

positions, such as administrators, directors, and key managers. Revisions should be

distributed to agency personnel as changes occur. Sample text for this section is provided


Pre-identifying orders of succession is critical to ensuring effective leadership during an

emergency. In the event an individual is incapable or unavailable to fulfill essential

duties, successors have been identified to ensure there is no lapse in essential decision-

making authority. The [Organization Name] has identified successors for the positions of

[insert leadership positions requiring orders of succession, including the organization

head and other key positions]. A copy of these orders of succession is found at [insert

location]. The [Insert office/title] is responsible for ensuring orders of succession are up-

to-date. When changes occur, the [insert office/title] distributes the changes to [insert

offices/groups] by [insert method of distribution].

The [Organization Name]’s orders of succession are:

• At least three positions deep, where possible, ensuring sufficient depth to ensure

the [Organization Name]’s ability to manage and direct its essential functions and


• Geographically dispersed, where feasible

• Described by positions or titles, rather than by names of individuals holding those


• Reviewed by the organization’s legal department as changes occur

• Included as a essential record, with copies accessible and/or available at both the

primary operating facility and continuity facilities at [insert locations]

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