Our Business plan is Opening a dance studio

Our Business plan is Opening a dance studio. The concept for our project and business plan is a dance studio. It will incorporate many different, relevant and contemporary dance styles while engaging our members in the overall dance experience.,,The problem we will help solve in the market place is obesity, crime, drug addiction, and success rates of our youth in highschools. It is a known fact that recreational activities create more opportunites, add to quality of life, empower, and improve peoples overall physical, mental and emotional health.,,The dance studio industry has been in existence for many years. However, “XYZ dance studio” is planning to enter the market with innovative ideasthat will differentiate our business from the competition to increaseits market share. In order to do this our dance studio will cater to new markets such as the baby boomers, generation Y, millenials, etc. Our service portfolio will include dance oriented workoutssuch as the relatively new phenonmenon known as Zumba, belly dancing, pilates as so forth, we will follow trends closely to continually monitor what is the greatest demand. Dance oriented workouts currently face strong demand by consumers and it is expected to continue to increase in the years following 2013. Existing dance studios are looking forward to including digital dance classes in the future. This allows people to take dance lessons from home. Thus, we are planning to tap into this market as well given that this type of service is not currently offered by the majority of existing dance studios. We will differentiate ourselves, by offering people’s specific needs of dancing, we will offer many different styles of dance such as Ballroom, Foxtrot, Line dancing, Swing, Salsa, Merenge, Bachata, Rumba, Hip Hop, Zumba, and specialized dances such as the Tango,,We can also include lessons that incorporate singing and dance together, this is very hard to do. This will give us a competive edge over other dance studio’s especially in the day and age of all the signing competitions on TV. We can also After certain amount of sessions customers get an allocated amount of lessons free or for half the price, Dvds with dance lessons for sale, etc.,,I prefer you to choose the detailed swot analysis part.If you dont want to choose that then its ok.