Outline and Research paper (at least 1250 words)

Detailed instruction and sample article are in the file.

Research paper assignment: you need to finish a research paper that compares the development of renewable energy in at least two countries outside of the U.S. The materials for this research paper should be scholarly articles that you find through library research. There are two steps in the research paper assignment. 1. You do library research and find the scholarly articles for the paper, and finish an outline. 2. Finish the final paper based on your outline.

Using library resources, find at least THREE additional articles that analyze renewable energy in two countries outside the U.S. You should find reference articles that will allow you to compare the ideas, values, attitudes of people, and/or technological developments related to renewable energy from at least two different countries outside the United States in your essay. Your essay must focus on renewable energy.

The outline should include: a. a description of the context of your discussion b. a clear and specific thesis statement, and an explanation of what the comparison of the countries you choose demonstrates c. an outline of the specific points/arguments you will make. The outline should reflect the structure of your essay and indicate the logical development of ideas. You are encouraged to use bullet points and short phrases/sentences.d. your reference list and PDF files of the reference articles you find. There are more detailed instructions in a separate file.

Based on your outline and the research articles, write a research paper. You should refer directly to your sources and write a comprehensive and integrative essay. In particular, you should compare the ideas, values, technological developments, and/or attitudes of people from at least two different countries outside the US (on the subject of renewable energy).

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