Patient safety critical thinking paper

Patient Safety

Critical Thinking Assignment Directions

Watch the following Are You Safe YouTube video: (you may need to copy and paste into a separate browser).

Write a 500 – 750 word review and include the following:

1. How did this video make you feel about patient safety?

2. How can you (as a current or future Health IT professional) contribute to a culture of safety?

3. Illustrate three patient safety resources (websites, articles, scholarly publications, etc) that support patient safety efforts and describe how they support a culture of safety or support the reduction of medical errors.

Format Instructions

·Use Microsoft Word to complete this assignment

·Use font type 12

·Use double space formatting

·Use APA formatting

·Place the following heading at the top of your document. Save the file as “yourlastname-Week6.doc” to identify your assignment. Keep a copy for your records.

-Your Name


-HIM 2652—Electronic Health Record Systems

Critical Thinking Assignment 1

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