Pavement Management Systems in Small and Medium Size Local governments in Texas

I need a project of 25 pages. Which consists of abstract, Introduction, Literature review(i need latest 6 journals), Methodology, Conclusion and i want the results to be in appendix format.

The report is mainly focused on the pavement management Systems. The main objective of this report is to gain a better understanding of the practices which are used for managing the pavements of transportation, and to identify the most used practices which are best for the maintenance of the pavements.If we don’t take a good care about pavement management, we face an unpleasant experience that can also be hazardous, as potholes can damage your car and lead to the need for repairs. Pavement maintenance makes driveways and parking lots smoother and safer for drivers and pedestrians .This report examined many aspects which are related to the management which were on the selected pavements in which the approaches were basic for budgeting, preserving and maintenance. Responsibilities of the organizations include continuous maintenance, checking the conditions of the pavements and its performance. A questionnaire of 20 questions were made and sent to total of 40 small and medium cities in the state of texas and the data was collected. This report survey is based on the Pavement management Systems on small and medium cities of Texas.

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