“People Analytics: Using Data to Drive HR Strategy and Action”

Part 1 :

The video: https://youtu.be/l6ISTjupi5g

Strata Jumpstart: Kathryn Dekas, “People Analytics: Using Data to Drive HR Strategy and Action”


Submit a PDF document that provides answers to the three questions posed at the beginning (and again at the end) of the video. Include both the questions and your answer to each of these questions. It is okay to include a bulleted list within your answer, but this list must be included within the context of a paragraph written in narrative form. Use single-spaced paragraphs, full sentences and write in your own words.

This class is about communicating information. Be sure your submission communicates each question and respective answer clearly and concisely. The questions can remain posed as questions, or you can turn them into section titles. Your reader should be able to scan over the document and get a clear sense of its content and order. This can be done with text formatting and alignment.

Part 2:

Post a new discussion that includes:

#1) A full paragraph (or two) that makes a concrete connection between the information presented in the People Analytics video and the information presented in the Davenport et al. article linked to above. For example, one option would be describe how Google’s work in this area illustrates a concept presented in the article.

#2) Provide your own ‘response’ to this week’s materials in a complete paragraph. For example, you can simply reflect on the video content (what was interesting, what was surprising), discuss the class readings or the content in the video ‘lecture’ posted this week. Note: While the topics of the Google studies are interesting, try to focus this discussion on research/methodology/tools.
Respond to two posts:

Responses should acknowledge the points made in the original post, then should add to the comments in a meaningful way. It is okay if your responses include points you made in your original answer.