Perceived Need of A New Sensing and Processing Subsystem Discussion

prepare and submit a project paper by creating an unmanned vehicle sensor system design/configuration and theory of operation. The narrated presentation should include diagrams or multimedia materials depicting an overview of the research, designs, operations, and supporting information. With title, abstract, references and bibliography with at least 10 sources. For this project, you will need to perform the following:

  • Discuss the perceived need of a new sensing and processing subsystem as it relates to a current unmanned system application, management practice, or operational policy and the need for safety, efficiency, and effectiveness (why is it needed?).
  • Identify innovative new technologies, methods, processes, or concepts relating to your perceived need.
  • Provide a requirements specification associated with your perceived need (what it must be capable of, design imposed limits, etc.).
  • Present possible sensing and processing options for unmanned systems based on the operational environment and availability of new technology, methods, processes, or concepts.
  • Discuss the appropriateness of considered elements/components to support the intended use, including the benefits, limitations, and constraints.
  • Formulate a specific solution or research strategy to address the perceived need, including a theory of operation, any appropriate recommendations or conclusions, and supporting references.
  • Utilize an appropriate research method and statistical analysis (if applicable) to obtain data and reference materials to support your work.
  • Recommend future research strategies to better understand the issue and add to the collective body of knowledge associated with unmanned systems.

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