Phoenix Parental Decision on Vaccinating and Non Vaccinating Children Paper

Considering either your research problem area or your associated theoretical topic or framework, locate 1 published dissertation (within the last five years) using each of the following:

  • A study described by the author as being a phenomenology or phenomenological study
  • A study described by the author as being a grounded theory study
  • A study described by the author as being an ethnography or an ethnographic study
  • A case study that employed mixed methods
  • Find dissertations in ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database in the CTU Library

For each dissertation and methodological choice prepare a discussion that includes:

  • Full APA citation(s) in proper format
  • Author’s abstract
  • Your annotation, which includes and an analysis of the following:
    • An overview, in your own words, of the qualitative research design.
    • The population from which participants were recruited.
    • The sampling plan used by the researcher.
    • Include brief description of the data collection procedures.
  • Your evaluation of the effectiveness of the above.

4–6 pages

Topic: Parental Decision on vaccinating and non-vaccinating children in the US

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