Please answer all questions

Answer the following questions specifically about Appendix B in Polit and Beck textbook pp.347-362:

  1. Was the data analysis approach appropriate for the research design or tradition? Explain thoroughly.
  2. Was the category scheme described and if so does it appear logical and complete? Explain thoroughly.
  3. Did the report adequately describe the process by which the actual analysis was performed? Explain thoroughly.
  4. Did the report indicate whose approach to data analysis was used? Explain thoroughly.
  5. Comment on the amount of data that had to be analyzed in this study. Explain thoroughly.
  6. Table 2 in this study presents a list of 10 significant statements made by participants. In Colaizzi’s approach, the next step is to construct formulated meanings from the significant statements. Develop your own formulated meaning of one (1) of these statements. Explain thoroughly how this meaning was developed.
  7. What major themes or processes emerged? Do the themes or categories appear to capture the meaning of the narratives? Explain thoroughly.
  8. Was a conceptual map, model, or diagram effectively displayed to communicate important processes? Explain thoroughly.
  9. Does the analysis yield an insightful and meaningful picture of the phenonmenon under study? Explain thoroughly.
  10. Is the resulting theory or description trivial or obvious? Explain thoroughly.

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