please write 2-3 sentences for each question.

class textbook chapter 16

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an essay is not needed. use link of textbook or powerpoint attachment as a reference.

Are community health workers viewed as “change agents” in their communities today? Discuss and describe ways in which they can be “community change agents”…

Recalling the “communities” that we have focused on ( day care centers, Senior Day Centers, residential addiction rehab programs, programs for adolescents/young adults, programs, etc.) how can community health workers effect positive, life-saving practices in these communities?

Keep in mind that all the above-mentioned communities, are also “work places” for those who provide daily services to the populations that reside there and/or attend the site to receive services.

Describe the ways public health, health care, and other organizations (for profit & non-profit) can work together or individually to positively impact the health of an entire community.

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