Policy Note Discussion


Attached Files:

A policy note is developed by agencies to provide information on the impact of a proposed policy. It implies the agencies stance as well. The policy note will review House or Senate bills previously or currently being considered by the Maryland General assembly. The policy note should be no more than 5 pages and will have the following format.

  • Summary of the Bill: What does the bill propose to do?
  • Fiscal Analysis: Discuss the potential impact this may have on the budgets of the state, and local governments. You may discuss the fiscal impact on other stakeholders as well. This does not have to be an exhaustive analysis, you may propose and impact and provide evidence, from other states.
  • Analysis: Briefly discuss the potential impact of the proposed law. Who will be affected? How will they be affected? How is this different from current law?

The information provided in the policy note is to be objective, do not include personal opinions. For sample policy notes please visit: http://dls.maryland.gov/about-us/offices/fiscal-and-policy-notes.

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