I am doing a presentation on a Defense Against Abortion based on an article I attached below. I am doing the ( 2,3,5). please include a work document with the PPT slides of what to say for my part of the presentation.

General Instructions.

  • the student must present on the topic of the article for which they signed up.
  • the student will be partnered with one other student sharing the same article. It is required that each student participate equally in the presentation..
  • Please be prepared to present on your scheduled day.
  • Requirements:
  • Content: Your assignment is to teach us about your article. Your presentation should contain at least the following elements:

(1) A description of the issue/problem being discussed;

(2) A statement and overview of the ethical problem at stake;

(3) A current event that involves this problem.

(4) An account of the argument in the article—what is the author’s position on the issue, and how does he or she argue for it?

(5) A survey of at least one objection and/or counter-argument; and

(6) A few minutes at the end left for Q&A.

  • Length: Must be at least 5 minutes long, and no longer than 15 minutes, including Q&A time. The ideal is about a 10-minute presentation. Your goal is to be succinct yet informative.
  • Visual Aid: Must include a visual aid of some sort. This can be Powerpoint slides, a video.


Presentations are graded based on (1) quality of content; (2) quality of visual aid; (3) public speaking skills; (4) sticking to the time limit. Each student in your group will be graded jointly and independently where applicable.

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