In the Legal Profession Skills, there are several topics and skills need to be mastered in order to succeed in legal field and career


Using the textbook, produce a handout on the following subjects:

Presentation (p. 209 – 225)

Instructions for the summary of the topic:

  • This is a ‘group-work’. Each group should include no more than 5 students.
  • Organize your work by topic and format it to differentiate by topic, sections, subsections relevant materials, examples, etc.
  • Use section headings to organize the material in a way that is both organized stylistically and which is meaningful to you.
  • Remember to include details and examples using the ones provided in the textbook
  • Provide descriptions and definitions of concepts and terms.
  • The full text version of your handout should be at least 1,500 words in length and size 10-12 point font – Arial, Cambria, Calibri, Courier, or Times. The handout can either be a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation.

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