principles of management

We learn in this module about how managers address the needs of a growingly diverse workplace. Considering the demographic trends of the United States and the global workforce, apply the most important principles of management to the context of diversity and its ethical implications in the workforce. List those principles, in order of importance, according to the knowledge you have gained through the readings this week and your personal experiences.

Provide one example from popular media (newspaper, radio, television, Internet, or podcast, for example), and one from your own experience to illustrate your points.


Some principles of management we learned about were:


  1. Equity
  2. Unity of Direction
  3. Subordination
  4. Initiative
  5. Morale
  6. Renumeration
  7. Division of Work
  8. Authority
  9. Centralization
  10. Order
  11. Scalar Chain
  12. Unity of Command
  13. Stability
  14. Discipline

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