Project Proposal

Please help me with a simple Project Proposal
write a project proposal for your choice of EHR system to be implemented. to implement for a fictitious ambulatory (physician practice) office.

need to learn about and select the multiple components you will need to consider in order to implement a system that covers all aspects of the healthcare experience, from Patient Registration all the way through Billing for the care provided. You’ll find information on the site.

In this report you should include the following elements:

Purpose: Provide a statement about the purpose of this document. For example: “to obtain feedback and/or to secure a decision to proceed with the proposed project.”
Business Context: Briefly describe your fictitious physician practice (how many doctors, how many staff, what services and specialties, etc), and summarize how this project helps the practice “in the big picture”
Situational Assessment/Problem Statement: Describe your assessment of the current situation and describe the main problems of not having an EHR
Working Title for the Proposed Project
Describe what your project is going to achieve (three or four bullet points at a single sentence each)
Potential Benefits: Describe any benefits that the physician practice may gain as a result of doing this project.
Potential Risks: Describe any potential risks the physician practice might face as a result of doing this project
Feasibility Statement: Add a statement of whether or not the organization has the capacity to implement and deliver the project (do you have enough staff to implement, or would you if you had consultants?)
Recommendation: This section should provide a recommendation on whether or not the project should proceed, and which EHR solution you recommend.
Proposed Scope: Add a preliminary scope statement describing what you are going to implement

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