FJ Benjamin Holdings trace its beginning to a small retailing company founded by FJ

Benjamin, a young man in his twenties in 1959. It has since grown to be one of Asia’s biggest

retail brand management companies. It was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in

November 1996. Currently headquartered in Singapore, it manages over 20 iconic brands and

operates 220 stores across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Much of Singapore’s reputation

as a place to shop for international luxury labels can be attributed to the company’s 35 specialty

designer stores carrying luxury brands such as Céline, Givenchy, Guess, La Senza, Loewe,

Marc Jacobs across Singapore’s key shopping districts.


1. FJ Benjamin Holdings Ltd 2017/18 Annual Report

2. SGX: Company Information


Study the financial statements shown on pages 54 – 58 of FJ Benjamin Holdings Ltd 2017/18

Annual Report (found in the link

and the accompanying notes to the financial statements on pages 61 – 115.

(a) Compute ratios base on the financial statements for 2018 and 2017 using the ACC202 Formula Sheet l. For ratios that require the average figures,

students should use the year-end figures for both years even when the average figures

are available for one year only to ensure consistency and comparability.

Make sure the areas of Profitability, Liquidity, Efficiency and Solvency are covered.

Show all workings.

(13 marks)

(b) Use the results in (a), analyse and comment on the business’s performance and financial

position from the viewpoint of a prospective small retail investor.

(22 marks)

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