Questions and answer

Hello can you answer the following questions for me and provide me references for each of them, no older than 5 years please.

Question 1 A nurse practitioner is completing a cardiac assessment on a child and detects a murmur. Which of the following is true regarding innocent murmurs?

The murmur is often holosystolic

A precordial thrill is present

Prompt referral to a cardiologist is indicated

The murmur is low intensity

Question 2

A child presents to the primary care clinic with chest pain. The provider is aware that chest pain in children is usually what?

Question 2 options:

A symptom of congestive heart failure

A symptom of congenital heart disease

A sign of hypercholesterolemia

Noncardiac in nature

Question 3 which of the following is a common cause of acquired coronary artery disease during childhood?

Question 3 options:


Kawasaki disease

Systemic lupus erythematous

Rheumatic fever

Question 4 What type of hemorrhage would be expected with severe factor VIII deficiency?

Question 4 options:

Severe hemorrhage following moderate trauma

Gross bleeding following mild trauma

Gynecologic hemorrhage

Spontaneous hemarthrosis

Question 5

The nurse practitioner has a possible diagnosis of leukemia in a pediatric patient. Which of the following tests are required for that diagnosis?

Question 5 options:

Bone marrow aspiration

Chest radiograph

CBC with differential

Biopsy of an enlarged lymph node

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