Reading Reflection – Maxwell EM – electromagnetic theory


– Read the two attached papers;

1- G. Hall, “Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory and special relativity,” Phil. Trans.R.Soc. A 366, 1849 (2008)

2- B. Franklin, “Letter XI,” In Benjamin Franklin’s experiments and observations on electricity (pp. 265-266), Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press (1941)

– Write a reading reflection by Responding to the following prompts.

1. Based on your reading of G. Hall, “Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory and special relativity,” Phil. Trans.R. Soc. A 366, 1849 (2008),

How could you use the information in this paper to help your students better understand the scientific process?

2. What is Benjamin Franklin trying to do? How does this affect your understanding of the kite flying experiment?

While you are writting the reflection, these points should taken into considiration;

1- Main points are clear and easy to comprehend.

2- Writing includes many specific details that are related to the main points.

3- The reflection connects their main points with the details they have provided and makes a coherent argument.

4- Writing is completely related to the prompt.

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