Reflect on how you will evaluate primary sources differently from secondary sources. Why would you evaluate them differently?

1.) This discussion will focus on the following research methods used in personality psychology:

Correlational studies
Experimental studies
Case methods
Imagine your team is applying for a grant to conduct a major study in personality psychology. Before getting into the specifics of the study, the team leader has asked each team member to discuss one of the different research methods available in personality psychology. You will be assigned a research method based on the first letter of your last name.

Your initial post will describe the assigned research method and how it is implemented. Discuss how personality researchers use the method and also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the research method assigned. Be sure to mention the appropriate applications of the method you are describing. The overall goal here is to inform the team about the appropriate use of your research method as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Your instructor may reassign research methods as needed for this discussion, so check the announcements for any reassignments.

Topic will be Case Study Research Methods

2.) This assignment will help you think critically about locating and evaluating research. This journal is a place for you to plan how you will evaluate different theories in personality psychology. As you begin to concentrate on a specific theorist from the project theorist options, this journal will provide a research foundation for your final project.

Include the following in your journal:

Reflect on how you will evaluate primary sources differently from secondary sources. Why would you evaluate them differently?
Identify the research methods that are used and how they will impact your research.
Describe other criteria you will use in your evaluation of personality psychology research as you work through this course.
Guidelines for Submission: Your journal assignment should be 2 to 3 paragraphs in length and any sources used should be cited in APA format. Submit the assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

3.) Research forms the foundation for the field of developmental psychology, and given the complexity of the human experience throughout the life span, the methods chosen for conducting research are key to producing valid and reliable data. In your initial post, locate a journal article that reports original research in the field of childhood and adolescent developmental psychology (topics to research can be located throughout the text, and you should consider what may be an area of interest for your final project). Utilizing your selected journal article, describe the experimental design utilized by the authors in detail, and link to the journal article and provide citation information in your initial post. Different types of research include:

Cross-cultural studies
Cross-sectional design
Longitudinal design
Sequential design
Micro genetic design
Compose a post of one to two paragraphs. Reference scholarly or peer-reviewed sources to support your discussion points, as appropriate (using proper citation methods for your discipline).