Remainder of My Distant Learning Evolution is True

Begin in week 5 and complete the following: Each module will include a discussion question for which you are expected to post an initial response to the question by Thursday 11:59 PM EST/EDT, and responses to at least two classmates for weeks 5,6, 7, and 8, and complete quizzes in week 6 and 7 by Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

Also complete the following.

This is a 10-page essay in which you will reflect upon each of the chapter themes in Why Evolution Is True. It should include reflections on your development and understanding of what evolution is and is not. It should include your personal journey of discovery related to the concept of evolution. It should also include philosophical, theological, and sociological reflections as well as a demonstration of a scientific understanding of evolution. Additionally, you should critique and evaluate the ideas presented in the book using your scientific understanding of the process of evolution. A rough draft will be due during Module 6 and will be worth 3% of your grade. A final draft will be due during Module 7 and will be worth 23% of your grade. You must submit your Term Paper to Chalk and Wire. The Chalk & Wire link is located in the Key Assignment Module. Students who do not submit the assignment to Chalk & Wire will receive a zero. This is a key assignment assessment; the results are used to ensure students are meeting University Exploration program goals. Video and PDF instructions can be found on the course home page. PDF instructions are also located in the Start Here folder

Also complete the following

Exams will be given during Modules 5 and 8. The Midterm Exam will cover the material that you learned during Modules 1-5. The Final Exam will cover the material that you learned during Modules 6-8.

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