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I am currently a member on instagram, I’ve been a member on the site since 2016. The URL for this site is and I tend to visit the site at least three times daily. I only post on the site my own personal thoughts maybe once a month or less. The other three times I am only the site are strictly to see what other people are posting about, or to visit the pages of my family members/friends. I’m also a big fan of memes and vines so I also spend a big majority of my time finding them to send to my loved ones for a good laugh. I chose this site because of the convenience of being able to get everything I need in one spot such as memes, vines, news, trailers, posts, etc. I also enjoy that a majority of major platforms also have pages I can follow on instagram (celebrity pages, shopping brands, artists, and sports). I feel that Instagram has more variety with its options unlike other social network platforms. I also have a facebook account, but I more so use it as a means to keep in contact with my family and loved ones, while my instagram account is more for personal use and fun.

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