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  • Explain what interested you the most about the readings and videos from this week.

What interested me most was the genuine care and concern those in the videos had about career planning. I enjoyed reading the specs on my career interest and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of skills I could check off.

  • You did a job analysis/career search paper … What did you get from this exercise? How has it changed how you think about marketing yourself and writing your resume?

The exercise helps to focus in on what I need to work on or aim for next. I wish I had done this months ago, since I am graduating this summer. I have had career classes and advice from advisers back at HCC, but they were geared towards the Education field. Since changing career paths, or more so merging my two career paths, I need to work on marketing myself differently. There are some skills that fit with both child-care and forensics, but they are two totally different careers.

  • How do you think your research results would set you apart from other candidates? Be specific!

Thanks to the videos about getting to know the company/organization before your job interview, I’ll be able to ask questions that go beyond my job. I will be able to see if the company/organization and I have the same values and standards. This helps to set me apart because I will know to mention my skills or other attributes that make me a better fit.

  • Is there a skills you identified as something you are missing or what to strive toward? What is your next step to obtain that skill?

I am not missing any skills, so I would say that my goal is to stay informed and keep updated on things in my career field. Since new technologies could be released that I am unfamiliar with, I would want to stay in the loop. This goes for laws as well that might change an aspect of my job. I want to keep working on the skills I already have and maybe think of any skills that would enhance my resume.

  • Have you done an internship? What did you learn? If not, what is your ideal internship experience, and how are you going to go about getting it?

I have not done an internship. I would like the ideal internship to be something hands-on and cover the paperwork side of CSI as well. I would prefer hours to be a set amount of time, but know that flexibility may be needed for this career path. I would want an internship that is helpful to those with disabilities. I would go about getting an internship by doing more research on my career path and networking, could start with a simple google search.

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