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  • Explain what interested you the most about the readings and videos from this week.
    I found it interesting that in the skills/self assessment area of our reading material, it was reported that only 30 percent of employers hire based on content skills while the majority of employers hire based on functional skills like effectively communicating with a team, troubleshooting, analyzing, etc.
  • You did a job analysis/career search paper … What did you get from this exercise? How has it changed how you think about marketing yourself and writing your resume?
    There seemed to be quite a bit of questioning in the analysis regarding internships. I now feel like I should pursue the avenue of an internship just for the added value on my resume.
  • How do you think your research results would set you apart from other candidates? Be specific!
    Researching the values, mission, benefits, etc. about a company prior to interviewing will set you apart from other candidates because it will show the interviewer how serious you are about potentially working for their company.
  • Is there a skills you identified as something you are missing or what to strive toward? What is your next step to obtain that skill?
    As previously stated, I would like to strive towards participating in an internship. I have had the opportunity to intern with the legal office on our Air Base here in Europe but I have always decided not to pursue that because it is unpaid and I currently work full time.
  • Have you done an internship? What did you learn? If not, what is your ideal internship experience, and how are you going to go about getting it?
    I have not done an internship, but I would love to. My ideal internship experience is one where I am able to get all of the hands on experience possible, from drafting legal documents to sitting in the court room or conducting interviews. I would like an opportunity to shadow someone and learn from them and gain all of the experience necessary to be successful in a career.

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