Report of Environmental studied

ES 4- Individual Energy Assessment Report

Roeder- SPRING 2019


One of the Mandatory Assignments for this class is to assess your own use of Energy. As you are learning in this class, the various forms of Energy we use to power our lives has an impact on Greenhouse emissions and climate change. Use the following instructions to assess your own high level energy use, then follow the instructions and answer the questions below.

STEP ONE: Assess your own energy use and energy carbon footprint at a high level:

  • Start with your home energy use- ONLY calculate your Natural Gas, Electricity and Transportation energy.
  • Go to this URL: and put in the information for your family size and zip code. Hit enter
  • Select your primary source of heat from the pull down menu
  • If you have an energy bill handy, enter the number of gas therms or electricity KWh. If you can average this over a full year, the numbers will be more accurate. If not, a September or April bill electricity bill will be more typical of an average month. I
  • If you don’t have access to your energy bill, click on the “I“next to each energy source and use the averages given to you.
  • Make sure to enter any energy offsets you realize in the “Reduce Your Emissions area directly below
  • Once you have calculated your Home energy CO2 equivalents, click on the Transportation tab and fill in the boxes. Once again, remember to input your transportation energy offsets
  • In the right hand column will your accumulated pounds of CO2 for home energy use and transportation. Feel free to print out your report.

STEP TWO:Compare your CO2 emissions to impact on the environment and equivalencies needed to offset your CO2 emissions by going to this web address:…

  • Enter your emissions data from step one. Fill in only the CO2 Equivalents pull down at the top. MAKE SURE TO SELECT “Pounds of CO2” to be consistent with Step One
  • Look below at your “Equivalency Results”
  • CHOOSE ONE of your equivalency results for EACH of:
    • Greenhouse gas equivalents from
    • CO2 Emissions from
    • Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by
    • Carbon sequestered by


  • Provide a double spaced analysis of your results and equivalencies and answer the following questions:
    • How do you feel about your own results? Are they what you expected or are you surprised?
    • How sustainable do you feel we are as a society if everyone in the US had similar energy use as you and the same equivalencies you chose to analyze?

    Here is the result of Step 1 and 2. Only need to write step 3. 2 and half pages double space. You can copy and paste the image that I upload from to the essay. It is not a research essay, so no need any citation and work cited page. Just write what do u feel from the question on top 🙂

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