​Research Methods

The title of this project is ” Managing Solid Drilling Waste and Contamination through Engineered Solutions”

This project should have a clear start beginning with the introduction to the project and end at the pre-design stage.

Information within submissions should also be logical and well grouped.

– Abstract

The Abstract may contain description of the topic.

Need of the present study.

Important applications of the topic.

Brief description about previous literature’s, pre-design.

Future work to be carried out in Technical Project and conclusions.

– Table of contents

– List of Figures

– List of Tables

– List of Symbols

– Chapter 1: Introduction

The introduction may contain overall view of the topic.

Identification of the need, Problem description, Objectives, Scope, Value & Importance of the research and feasibility study.

you may provide introduction to the research problems pertaining to the project with detailed explanation.

– Chapter 2: Literature review

Critically evaluate minimum of five previous literatures pertaining to their project topic that contain key finding of previous authors such as methodology adopted, parameters used, results obtained and important conclusions along with shortcomings / gap areas.

This chapter should precisely link the present study to the collected literature with gap areas identified.

Finally a chapter summary may be presented.

– Chapter 3: Data Analysis/ Pre-Design

provide statistical tools planned to use in Technical Project (TP), 2-D, 3-D drawings, Proposed model/ circuit diagram, other data interpretations using graphs, surveys results, case studies, research plans, activity flow charts, Gantt charts etc.

The outcome of this chapter would be useful to do the experimentation, fabrication and associated detailed analysis of the research problem during TP stage.

Finally a chapter summary may be presented.

– Conclusion

The conclusion made in the report should correlate with the aims and objectives of the project.

– Future work to be carried out in Technical Project.

Future works planned for Technical Project stage are to be mentioned.

– Gantt Chart

– References

** In-text Citation and References using CCE Harvard referencing style.

** Total word Count 6000 words Only.

** A Sample report will be attached, Kindly follow the Criteria.

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