Research Portfolio Requirements

Research Portfolio Requirements

The following items need to be in your portfolio in this order (with tabs separating each section):

Tab 1: Research Paper – Final draft of essay

Tab 2: Works Cited – Not the works cited page, but the actual copies of the works cited. These must appear in this section in the same order they appear on the works cited page. Every article must have bibliographic information on the top of the first page. Articles must be stapled. Only include those articles which appear in your paper and on your works cited page.

Tab 3: Primary Source Information – This is a copy of the information received from the person/s interviewed along with a signed statement from them stating you have received their permission to be quoted.

Tab 4: Rough Drafts – The drafts, peer editing reviews, any conferencing, etc., must appear in this section. Also include the note stating you have visited and received assistance from the writing lab.

Tab 5: Pre-work – This section will include the following: working bibliography, annotated bibliography, research model, outlines, other thesis assignments.

Tab 6: Other Sources – Any miscellaneous information relevant to your research paper.

Note: Appearance is important – try to make your portfolio as professional looking as possible. You will receive 10 points for appearance. Sloppily placed tabs, etc. will result in points being deleted from your project. Your portfolio will be turned in in a formal binder (but no plastic covers). It will have a cover sheet with the name of your thesis, your name, date, course number, and my name. All papers included must be 3-hole punched.

Your portfolio is worth 50 points. However, without all above items included in your portfolio, a grade will not be given.