research three specific fields of employment in your discipline 

The purpose of this task is to research three industries of which you are interested in. This will enable a better understanding of what is required of you for each industry and give you direction of your career.

You must submit a career research report (via TURNITIN) which requires you to research and report on three (3) industries you are interested in and discuss the following sections for each industry.

The following sections must be covered:

Section 1:  You are required to research three specific fields of employment in your discipline that you are interested in pursuing a career in.  Your research should be undertaken with respect to discussion of  all aspects of the ‘field’ including the following: the nature of the work, the environment, the education, skills, training and personality traits required to be successful, average salaries, the labour market outlook, related positions and typical employers. Sources to use include: books, periodicals, newspapers, professional journals, trade journals and websites.

Section 2: This section of the assignment requires you to research a specific employer in each ‘field’ you have researched in section 1.  You are required to include the following in your report: the nature of the employer including the size of the organisation, its history, the organisational structure, its culture and/or mission, branches or subsidiaries, clients or customers, products or services, opportunities for promotion, etc. Most medium to large size organisations have this information on their web site. However, you are encouraged to research information from other resources other than the organization itself.

Section 3: A description of the typical career path one follows as he/she advances in this career. What is an entry level position? What are other names of entry level positions? Is there more than one path one could take? What are the middle to upper level positions? What qualifications are required?

Section 4: Your reflection on the above three sections. For instance, reflect on how well you think you would fit in with this employer. Describe your satisfaction in working in the career field you have investigated. How has this research confirmed or changed your plans and why? Are there any areas in which you need to continue to develop skills? Which aspects of the field/position do you like/dislike and why? Which aspects/characteristics do/do not fit? Refer to the exercises completed on interests, skills, and values. Specifically state how there is, or is not a match among these. Thorough and thoughtful analysis is critical to this section. Give specifics!