roles and responsibilities of the DoD and DHS in cybersecurity

Instructions: For this assignment, you represent a defense contractor who has been asked by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to participate in their cybersecurity initiatives. Although DHS and DoD would permit you to participate in the other programs, you have only enough resources to participate in one. Your supervisor has asked you to write a memo highlighting the benefits and obstacles of working with each. Which organization might provide you with the information that your company needs to manage cyber threats? Which department can better manage civil liberty concerns? Is the DoD or the DHS the appropriate organization with which your company should partner?

This week, you will explore the roles and responsibilities of the DoD and DHS in cybersecurity. Express your initial view as to which department has the legal authorities to lead cybersecurity efforts. Does the DoD have the authority to lead the national cybersecurity effort, or does the DHS?

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