science and research in nursing

State the topic of your research paper critique (note that you have not completed this critique yet. We are asking you to look ahead and plan for that assignment here). . Provide the reader with an understanding of why you have chosen that topic and what evidence exists that it is worth studying. Additionally, discuss applications of this subject to the clinical setting. Use at least one scholarly piece of evidence in creating your post. Respond to at least two other students’ posts. This topic really helps address your PICOT nursing topic of interest. Note that this discussion prepares you for the Week 4 Assignment. Please review the directions and rubric for the week 4 assignment in the syllabus. Note that the syllabus directions start with the following: Please select any nursing research article from any one of the scientific journals found in the Nursing-Related Databases and Journals list. Select an article from an area that you are interested in or from the field you are working in. Using the article selected, construct a critique of the article.

After reading the syllabus about the week 4 assignment, go back and consider your PICOT nursing related topic and jump into the library databases. You may have found the perfect article already this past week, but remember I urge you to select a nursing research article (look for qualitative, quantitative or mixed method research) that gets to the heart of your PICOT nursing topic. Choose from work in the last 5 years. One last note- while the directions in the syllabus do not specifically state that the article must be on your PICOT topic, it only makes sense to choose one in that area since you have more work ahead on that topic.

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